Natural Food Services & Programs for a Healthy You

by Melissa Meyers

Any day is a great one to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Changing your eating habits can be a difficult process but thanks to these Natural Food Services, living healthy is easier than ever. Whether you need to reboot and detox your body with a cleanse, or want to learn to cook with more organic vegetables, these services have you covered. Each one of them offers an online shop and doorstep delivery so that a healthy lifestyle is just one click away! Enjoy more energy, clarity of mind and delicious food with these cleanses, programs and markets!

Cold. Pressed. Raw.

If you’re looking for a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle then a Cold. Pressed. Raw. detox will be perfect for you. CPR juices are "cold pressed" because they are made using a hydraulic cold press machine. That means that this juice is even more nutritious and delicious than anything you could make at home because there is no heat and the juice is less oxidized. These juices deliver more antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and provide the very best for your body. This juice detox will give you the reboot your body craves while eliminating toxins and giving your digestive system a break from chemicals, salts and sugars.

Chef V Organic Cleanse

Chef V offers a cleanse that does wonders for those who want to shed a few pounds in anywhere from three to twenty-one days. The signature Green Drink contains mostly veggies which is optimal for a prolonged cleanse. The Green Drink is different from other green juices because it is blended so that fibers from the veggies are retained from the whole vegetable, which helps your body burn more fat! These juices along with Chef V's shakes and detox soups can be delivered to your door with a subscription. Chef V’s cleanse is a responsible and effective way to cleanse your body and get healthy. 

La Dolce Vita Gourmet  

La Dolce Vita Gourmet was established by, Chef, Nutritionist and celebrity trainer Joanna Fiore and interior designer Michael Valentine.  La Dolce Vita Gourmet offers an array of all natural and gourmet products like cashew butter, superfood juices, cashew paté, and dressings. All products are made from The La Dolce Vita Cafe Airstream which has been retrofitted with a modern stainless steel kitchen and all preparation takes place in a state of the art commercial kitchen and packing facility. The best part of this natural food supplier is that 100% of the proceeds go to La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue Foundation which helps neglected animals through rehabilitation. 


In 2005, Chef Kelly began Paleta in her kitchen by delivering clients healthy twists on haute cuisine with ingredients sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries. Chef Kelly has made it her mission to introduce the world to a healthier lifestyle. Paleta offers  designer meal services, cleanses, organic cold-pressed juices, and healthy snacks which can all be designed for people who suffer from certain allergy restrictions. Paleta is an amazingly convenient way to change the way you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between!

Farmbox Direct  

Farmbox Direct began with the idea that even the busiest of households should have constant access to fresh and organic fruits and veggies. Ashley Tyrner put this idea to the test and used her experience growing up on a farm to handpick organic fruits and veggies and deliver them to families looking to eat great produce. This farm to table box is perfect for families who can’t make it to the farmers market every week and benefit from having it delivered to their doorstep.  A box of delicious, organic and responsibly grown fruits and veggies start at $40-60 a week.

Organically Thin

Mia Stern, a natural food chef and organic food lover, has created a program to slim down and eat better without feeling like dieting. Her program can last either 5 or 10 days and provides shopping lists, recipes and encouragement to discover natural and healthy eating. Her recipes include items you may have never eaten before like hemp seed or dates but the delicious recipes will turn these ingredients into your favorites. Mia’s program is meant to be an exciting way to break into a new lifestyle and lose weight along the way. Organically Thin is an enthusiastic support system there to share ideas or suggestions and provide encouragement.

Abe's Market

Abe’s market is a natural and organic e-commerce company that makes shopping for healthy foods more convenient for you. Abe’s Market stands by the belief that “wellness is not just for the wealthy” and aims to make deliciously healthy products available at a lower than usual cost. This convenient health mart allows you to try new items that have been tested and loved without spending too much. Abe’s Market is great for day to day shopping or for those with special dietary restrictions. Gluten free, vegan and low sugar foods are offered along with natural remedies, home supplies and body care from lip gloss to shampoo! 

Body Moisturizers that Hydrate for the Softest Skin

by Melissa Meyers

The skin on our body can get very dry in the summer especially when we are in the water, sweating and exercising more. Most of us need an extra boost to achieve smooth and silky skin. The best body moisturizers soothe and treat damaged skin as well as lock in moisture by delivering essential vitamins. The five moisturizers below are my favorites and work very well to rehydrate the skin. Remember to always exfoliate in the shower with a good scrub three times a week and to apply the product right when you get out of the shower or bath for best results. 

1. BEAUTYCOUNTER Enrich Body Butter, $36.00 

Beautycounter's all natural Body Butter uses the power of Mongongo oil which is a naturally vitamin E packed nutrient that acts as a UV protectant and even repairs damaged skin. Together Mongongo oil and shea butter hydrate and nourish thirsty skin. This creamy lotion can soothe irritated spots or be used all over as a daily moisturizer. 

2. CapriClear Moisturizing Spray, $17.20

For all of you who swear by the magic of coconut oil, here it is, bottled and sprayable from CapriClear. This spray is 100% coconut oil and is colorless, odorless and amazing for your skin. Coconut oil is great at locking in moisture all over as well as treating eczema, sensitive skin and even reducing appearance of stretch marks and scars. I also use it in my hair by spraying a bit on the palms of my hands and then applying it to the ends.

3. Kiehl's Creme de Corps, $29.50

This yellow, creamy moisturizer is a favorite with dermatologists and has a cult following. The rich body moisturizer delivers hydration for beautiful silky skin all over. In just one use, it rehydrates dry skin and leaves it looking and feeling super moist.

4. Josie Maran Whipped Body Butter with Argan Oil, $35.00

This smooth body butter is a moisturizing powerhouse with ten different plant oils and extracts including Argan oil. Argan oil is clinically proven to rehydrate the flakiest of skin and lock in moisture to improve skin's smoothness. This product does not include parabens or artificial fragrances and has a natural citrus scent that is pleasing.

5. Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion, $9.00

The Advanced Therapy Lotion by Lubriderm absorbs very quickly and deeply moisturizes the skin for 24 hours. It's the greatest drug store product to rehydrate even the driest of skin while enriching it with vitamins E and B5. It also dries quickly without leaving skin feeling greasy and sticky. My entire family uses it every day!

Fun Summer Beach Reads

by Melissa Meyers

Looking for some great beach reads this summer? Check out these page-turners!

The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza, $25.95

The Knockoff dives into the life of a successful fashion editor who begins to see her glittering career slip away and land in the lap of someone younger. Set in 2015, Sykes and Piazza's novel calls upon the new digital age that has reprogrammed how companies are run. With apps, blogs and mobile optimization to consider, even the fashion world has changed immensely. This clever novel shows what it means to maintain passion and integrity in the ever changing world of fashion.  

 My Paris Dream: An Education in Style, Slang, and Seduction in the Great City on the Seine by Kate Bates, $18.00

Whether you have strolled down the Champs Elysees or dream of a visit to Paris, Bates' novel will make you fall in love with the City of Lights in a snap. Formerly a Vogue and Harper's Bazaar editor, she shares her experience as a fashion journalist in 1980s Paris. Her enchanting memoir, pursuit of fashion and ultimate success in the picturesque backdrop of Parisian cafés and boudoirs is a coming of age story. The empowering journey is perfect for the woman who devours beautifully crafted inspiration.

Hello Hollywood by Suzanne Curso, $14.00

From the author of the New York Times Bestselling, Brooklyn Story, comes Suzanne Curso's third novel following the life of Samantha Bonti. The novels kicks off as a Cinderella story as Samantha makes a new life for herself and makes the move to Hollywood from her humble background in Brooklyn. This read is a great look into the glitz and glamour of the Los Angeles lifestyle and even goes deeper to show how success and the limelight can test those around you. Set in the Malibu hills, Hello Hollywood will take you to another world while reading it during your summer travels. 

Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin, $18.00

Primates of Park Avenue is a fun read for anyone who is curious about how the top 1% lives in NYC. Through a fresh and anthropological lens, Wednesday Martin unpacks this culture and documents her time spent raising children in the über-wealthy Upper East Side. Her observations of trends, people and tribes are witty and outrageous but should be taken with a grain of salt. I lived on the UES for 25 years and although there is truth to the over-the-top lifestyle, it certainly does not apply to everyone who resides there.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub, $27.00

Set in the beautiful island of Mallorca, The Vacationers follows the Post family who sets off for a family vacation. Straub fleshes out each character with detail and goes even further to define relationships amongst them. The Vacationers is sure to hit close to home for anyone who has had an extended stay with even more extended family. This novel is a fun and fascinating to read as family matters unfold within the very confined spaces of the scenic island. 

No More Dry Damaged Hair with these Moisturizing Treatments

by Melissa Meyers

Highlights, color and heat styling wreak havoc on our hair by breaking down the hair follicle causing it to weaken over time. This can make your hair brittle and dry, especially over the summer as we tend to wash our hair more often.  If you think the only solution is to cut off the damage and shed several inches, try saving your hair first with these amazing masks, sprays and creams. By using these products you will be able to revitalize your hair and bring back some of the strength and moisture you thought was gone forever!

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3, $45 

Olaplex is great for strengthening your hair between color treatments due to its bond building properties. Using it once a week after getting your hair colored is going to make your hair stronger, healthier, and your color will last longer. The bottle of the No.3 Take Home Hair Perfector is the finishing touch of the entire 3-series treatment often offered by salon professionals. Olaplex Hair Perfector is incredibly easy to use and works on every kind of hair. 

DryBar Mudslide, $38 

This mask is made for those who have had one too many chemical treatments. The mask helps to bring moisture and strength back into damaged hair and restoring chemically treated hair. DryBar's Mudslide soothes and hydrates dry hair in about 15 minutes so you can get the healthy look you love quickly. 

Inphenom Hair Treatment, $40

The founder of the trusted Milbon salon, Ichiro Konoike, has created the Inphenom line just for treating damaged hair. This treatment seals the hair cuticle using an essential amino acid, Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid, to replenish moisture to make hair look luminous. This product even enhances color by making it more vibrant. Use with the Inphenom shampoo to get even better results and healthier hair. Inphenom is also available in travel sizes so you can repair while away. 

Living Proof Restore Mask, $42

Living Proof's Restore Mask is a powerful, deep and weightless conditioning treatment for dry, damaged hair that instantly heals and strengthens.  It contains a Restorative Shield which leverages Healthy Hair Molecule to add softness and shine. This mask is great for damaged, fine, and color-treated hair because it is sulfate, silicone and oil-free. 


Gotukola Mask with Keratin, $50

The Gotukola herb has been important for centuries in Asian medicines to rejuvenate skin cell and stimulate blood supply to the skin. The Gotukola is a natural source for Vitamin B and Vitamin K. The natural unique herb ingredients nourish and heal damaged hair from the root and also protect the hair from weather hazards.


If you need a little extra treatment everyday, try this rejuvenating cleanser combination. The shampoo and conditioner contain century-old healing oils and extracts like cypress, argan and maracuja to restore the scalp and reinforce the inner strength of each strand. This combination gently cleanses hair and rejuvenates it to appear more youthful and healthy. Most importantly is works to restore moisture and protect against damage. 

Oribe Repair and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, $100

Oribe Repair and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, $100

SwimSpray, $11.99

Some hair damage is specific to the summer time such as dry and brittle hair from chlorine in swimming pools. Swim Spray is a 100% natural spray that neutralizes the affects of chlorine with a vitamin C technology. The spray is made of water and several forms of vitamin C so it can be used several times during the day. It eliminates the chlorine odor and irritation that can occur after swimming to keep your hair smelling and feeling fresh.   

Mani Monday: Get the Look of a Shiny Gel Manicure with this Top Coat

by Melissa Meyers

Check out these fresh colors from essie for your next summer manicure. To make the colors last longer and shine brighter, top them with essie's top coat gel setter. This new product is great for at home manis and pedis to give you a professional and gorgeous gel look.  

A touch of lavender mixed with edgy grey, this shade acts as a great neutral for summer.

The sparkly white shade from essie's new summer collection goes on very opaque and has a subtle shimmer to it. It's always fun to have an accent nail like this one in gold glitter on the top tip!

Get Your Glow On for Summer

by Melissa Meyers

We all know that sunbathing is not a healthy option to achieve a great tan. A gorgeous summer glow is timeless and beautiful but even if you slather on the sunscreen, too much sun exposure can lead to wrinkled, dry and damaged skin. Get a beautiful bronzed look for summer by faking it with these amazing tan boosters, whatever your skin tone. From powders that wash off to self tanners that last for days, each product gives your face or body a natural looking glow to get you beach-ready!

NYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer, $9

Achieve a natural and healthy looking complexion by using any of these powder bronzers available in five russet shades from NYX. They are perfect for that desired honey glow all year long! The varying shades match your skin tone so you can choose the one that gives you the perfect glow.  This bronzer provides a light shimmer of color that looks best dusted across cheeks or used for an easy contour. The packaging is compact and petite enough to fit in a beach bag or a work purse. 

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, $32

Infused with conditioning aloe vera, this mousse from St. Tropez has innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% so no one will smell your tan. In just one use you will get a perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that dries in 60 seconds. St. Tropez provides a perfect golden color so you'll never look orange. I really like this light weight self tanner as it works well when used on all skin tones, dries quickly and is easy to apply. 

Vita Liberata Trystal™ Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals 

Trystal™ technology combines an instant pure mineral bronze color with long lasting results for a beautiful and natural looking medium tan. This bronzer is oil - free with micronized crystals that provide a sheer, lightweight bronzing coverage.  These bronzing minerals even have added DHA for a lasting tan result. This unique bronzing powder will leave you with soft, smooth, healthy looking skin. A little bit of Trystal™ goes a long way so you get a lot of bronze for your buck. 


Fake Bake 60 Minutes Tan and Express Self Tan Liquid, $32.00

Fake Bake's 60 minutes Tan and Self Tan Liquid provides a truly long lasting glow. This product is easy to apply all over because it shows where it has been sprayed so you walk away streak free. If you want to be a bit darker, simply leave the the product on for 60 minutes longer before rinsing. With this product, a long lasting golden glow can be achieved in an hour. Plus, it comes with a glove for even application.

Guinot Lait Hydra Bronze Moisturizing Lotion, $36

This bronzing cream gradually builds a natural-looking tan without causing any striping or streakiness and without exposing skin to the harmful effects of the sun. Not only do you get a healthy bronze but you also get to moisturize and soften your skin with use. The non-sticky consistency makes the product comfortable to use and beats risking a sunburn by laying out in the sun. 

La Mer Reparative Skintint SPF30+ 

La Mer offers a luxurious way to get a few shades darker with their Reparative Skintint product. It is offered in five different shades so you can go a little darker to match your skin during the summer. With a little moisturizer underneath, this product works great to cover blemishes while providing a glowing color to your face. This skintint simultaneously gives you color, banishes blemishes, fills fine lines and wrinkles and protects your face from harmful sun rays by providing SPF 30. It is perfect to add to a summer getaway bag! 



by Melissa Meyers

Summer is the time of year when many people entertain at their home from pool parties to BBQs. What should you bring the host or hostess when invited to a fun soiree, dinner or beach get-away? I have you covered here with some of my favorite chic and unique hostess gift ideas all priced under $100!

1. Vitreluxe Crystal Bowls, $78

Your host will be wowed by these faceted crystal bowls that have a beautiful optical quality to them (I love the way they refract light). The glass bowls are made by hand in Portland using cast and press glass and are inspired by geometric forms of Quartz crystals. Available in three fab colors--sea green, berry and aqua.

2.  Addison Ross Shagreen 5" X 7" Grey frame, $54

A beautiful enameled photo frame makes a great gift for just about anyone. This elegant one by Addison Ross has gorgeous details and the pale grey color will match any decor.

3. Lover Raw Chocolate, Raw Chocolate Heart Pieces

This  artisan chocolate is not only delicious but handmade, organic, raw, vegan, and low glycemic. All of LOVER's ingredients are super foods that are ethically sourced from diverse cultures from around the world. Popular with the Hollywood set, Lover Raw Chocolate tins were given out to celebrities at the Oscars!


4. VOLUPSA candles - Baltic Amber, $18

The Voluspa Japonica candle collection comes in a gorgeous floral design inspired from the beauty of Japanese art. Each candle is crafted with hand-poured coconut wax and features cotton wicks for a clean, fragrant burn. Baltic Amber blends notes of amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla bloom and the scent is incredible. It's no surprise that celebrity fans of VOLUSPA candles include Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Demi Moore, and many more. 

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Candle, $18. 12 oz. 60-hour burn time. 21/4"H with 16" circumference.

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Candle, $18. 12 oz. 60-hour burn time. 21/4"H with 16" circumference.

5. KESS Monogram cutting boards, $50 

These cutting boards are a perfect gift for every cook to keep by the grill this summer. Available in solid colors or in a trendy chevron pattern, the Monogram Cutting Board is a cut above anything you have ever seen before! 

KESS Inhouse is known for their awesome products that feature real art on everyday items such as home décor and pet products. Their connection to the artist community is unique and sets them apart in the home décor industry because each product that is sold gives a royalty back to the artist that worked on the design. They now have a new lineup of products that are sure to excite every home dweller to turn their living space into an artistic sanctuary all while being dishwasher safe!

6. Jonathan Adler Bel Air Mini Scoop Vases, $98

The Bel Air Mini Scoop Vase is a surreal take on glam décor, an organic form in vivid color, suspended in a Lucite cube. Each vase is finished by hand and perfect for a petite bouquet of flowers. The miniature size has go-anywhere appeal and works great in sets of multiple colors for a mod pop moment.

7. Studiopatró Café Apron Set in Oatmeal, $98

This fab unisex apron was inspired by men who love to cook but looks good on anyone! On the front, there's a loop of fabric to hold a tea towel, and a pocket to keep tools handy. The aprons are 100% oatmeal linen and finished with sturdy nickel-plated grommets on the back corners and slate gray cotton twill ties. This is perfect to pull on in the kitchen and to quickly slip off before entertaining guests. 

8. Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coaster Set, $16

These fun and vibrant coasters by Rifle Paper Co. are great for the artsy hostess who also loves to travel. One set has 8 coasters and comes in 4 designs that feature New York, Tokyo, London and Paris for only $16. These coasters are a great place to set a chilled drink or even act as a conversation starter. 

9. ME! Bath Mini Bath Ice Cream Gift Set, $30.99

Perfect for the tuckered out hostess who needs some serious “me time” after her fabulous 4th of July bash. This pampering gift set features 12 full-size Bath Ice Cream bath soaks. Each scoop is comprised of a unique six oil blend, purifying minerals, salts and indulgent fragrances so that she can enjoy a customizable spa experience from the comfort of her own bath tub. Each set comes individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pomegranate, pearberry, apple, coconut, papaya, peach.

Price: $34, Available at 

10. Prodyne Fruit Infuser Pitcher, $19.99

This pitcher is perfect for adding fresh fruit and herbs to chilled drinks. There is nothing more refreshing and delicious than fresh lemon and mint in lemonade or fresh chopped fruit in chilled sangria. The pitcher's infuser is attached to the lid and is removable to allow for more space and even more drinks. Great to bring to a summer BBQ!

Prodyne Fruit Infuser Pitcher, $19.99

Prodyne Fruit Infuser Pitcher, $19.99

Lily Chai Tea Build Your Own 3 set, $32.99

Lily Chai Tea Build Your Own 3 set, $32.99

Lily Chai Teas 

Lily Chai Teas 

Lily Chai Tea offers the ability to make a personalized set of three of their original teas. This Southern Californian brand offers some of the most delicious and unique flavors available anywhere. Whether your host or hostess likes a strong hot Oolong or a decaffeinated iced Rooibos, these gourmet teas are sure to satisfy everyone.

I discovered this over-the-top line of teas when my son was playing soccer in Irvine. My favorite is the blueberry Rooibos which makes the best iced tea. Even the kids drink it without adding any sugar!